About Us

We’re a group of mentally deranged filmmakers willing to run through an active mine field and get blown up as long as we get to make movies for a living.

Fade to Black. Coyote.

Founded by Migue Siman on February 22, 2016 in El Salvador, Black Coyote is an independent entertainment company based in San Salvador. We specialize in feature film production, finance, and distribution.


We’ve won multiple awards for our work and have been screened in multiple festivals around the world. We love all aspects of filmmaking (except paying the bills) and believe that every shot, no matter how many aliens cameo in it, is possible.

Our Story

After a couple of years producing live theatre events, the company marked its first theatrical release with Matlatl (2017) which had a limited release in El Salvador. Other upcoming projects include MAGNA (2019) and Earthbound (2020).

Feature Films


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Theatre Shows


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Feature Films

From concept to post-production, we’re currently producing 2 feature films.


From concept to distribution. Or the other way around. We also distribute films regionally throughout El Salvador and Central America.

Live Shows

That’s how we got our start. We’ve produced more than 6 stage competitions, concerts, live shows and international theater/musical productions.

Short Films

Because who has the time to watch a feature film nowadays?


Documenting real experiences on film. Empowering your every-day storytellers.


Check out our El Telón initiative, where we offer a broad set of creative workshops were we coach the next generation of storytellers and artists so that they get a better understanding of their art form.

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